KDEE 97.5 “LIVE-ON AIR” Toilet Paper Drive Nets 1000 Rolls!


On Tuesday, June 9 KDEE 97.5 held their 3rd Annual Toilet Paper Drive in conjunction with the annual Community Toilet Paper Drive being held next week on June 18.

This is the third year that KDEE 97.5 has generously allowed us to set up a toilet paper collection site in the parking lot of their radio station, while conducting an on-air toilet paper drive.

KDEE is the radio station of the California Black Chamber of Commerce located in Sacramento. This partnership was forged over three years ago, when station manager, Delores Thompson attended a labor event with her friend Eileen Robinson, who is a Machinist Local Union 946 member at AeroJet, and heard of the United Way’s Toilet Paper Drive, and wondered how her radio station might help.

Every year since, KDEE allows members of Machinist Union Local 946 and our United Way Labor Liaison to come into their radio station a week before the event to do a live interview to talk about the importance of the drive and who benefits.

KDEE does their annual on-air toilet paper drive one week before the annual Community Toilet Paper Drive, allowing listeners to still participate in the big event even if they weren’t able to get to the radio station during the radio station toilet paper drive.

On Tuesday, a team of radio station staff, Machinists Local Union 946(AeroJet) members, and your United Way Labor Liaison Greg Larkins gathered in the radio station parking lot to set up the tents for the live radio broadcast of the toilet paper drive, in anticipation of listeners arriving with their generous toilet paper donations.

During the day on-air personalities brought the toilet paper drive team into the studio several times throughout the day and encouraged listeners to come down to the station to drop off their donations.

By 10 a.m. there was a steady stream of vehicles arriving at the radio station with very enthusiastic listeners dropping off their generous toilet paper donation! As an extra incentive, the radio station also gave away concert tickets to the listener who contributed the most toilet paper, and also to random listeners who stopped by to add their donations to the ever-growing pile of toilet paper.

As you can see from the pictures even TP (Toilet Paper Drive Mascot) was on hand to encourage folks to drop-off their toilet paper donations! Thousands of freeway commuters saw TP, honked, and even pulled over for photo-ops!

At the end of the day the generous listeners of KDEE 97.5 donated almost 1000 rolls of toilet paper!

This toilet paper will be added to the Toilet Paper Drive festivities at the gates of Cal Expo next week on June 18!

We cannot thank the great folks at KDEE 97.5 and especially Station Manager Delores Thompson enough for their generosity in promoting the drive, and engaging their listeners in this effort to assist our local nonprofit agencies! A huge thank you also goes out to the team from the Machinist Local Union 946 (AeroJet), Eileen Robinson, Mike Crowl, Jay Burson, and Christie Dobbs for all their help once again this year to make this annual radio station event a very special one, and for engaging their members and the management at the AeroJet facility to participate in the annual toilet paper drive!

The Machinists Local Union 946 (AeroJet) has been the #1 Local Union contributor of toilet paper for two years running and we look forward to seeing their results when they pull up to the gates of Cal Expo on June 18!