Join The “UNION TEAM DONATE” Campaign, And Help Change Our Region!


Last Spring, we kicked off a new Campaign at the annual Labor Community Services Breakfast, called “UNION TEAM DONATE”, and Labor activists responded generously in 2014 by donating nearly $25,000 in financial resources to help support the AFL-CIO Community Services program & our local United Way!

The “UNION TEAM DONATE” Campaign was a concept envisioned by our former Community Services Liaison Tom Lawson. His vision was to provide every Local Union & Union Member with the same opportunity that hundreds of Union Members currently enjoy, in supporting our Community Services Program by participating in a United Way Campaign!

Did you know that 80 of the top 100 United Way campaigns in the Sacramento Region are conducted at companies with “Collectively Bargained Employees”, ie: A.T.&T., U.P.S., S.M.U.D., Anthem-Blue Cross, Regional Transit, etc.

The National AFL-CIO & Building Trades organizations, as well as every International Union has endorsed the 2015 United Way Campaign, and are encouraging all Local Unions to initiate a United Way campaign on the local level within their Staff, Officers and Members!

We kicked off the 2015 *UNION TEAM DONATE* campaign at the January Delegates  meeting of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, and so far we have 21 individual donors and 3 individual Local Unions who have generously donated $4,555 to help support our Community Services program!

United Way Community Impact Work

Through the support of various Union Member Charitable Campaigns, our local United Way is able to make a significant impact in the lives of the residents of the Sacramento Region, in the areas of Health, Education, and Financial Stability.

Through financial resources raised in these various Employee Contribution Campaigns the United Ways “FitKids” Program has assisted thousands of children in the region adopt a healthy lifestyle through various exercise and nutrition programs that will help these children fight childhood obesity.

The United Way is also providing thousands of healthy lunch and afterschool meals every day to school districts all over the region, and are partnering with local entities to build playgrounds in some of our most challenged communities!

The United Way is also committed to help more children in the region graduate from high school by getting them off to a productive start by assisting them with reading at grade level by the fourth grade, through their Education Initiative and the “Star Readers” Program.

Through the United Way’s “$EN$E-ABILITY” program, the Sacramento Region is provided with the financial tools and coaching, to help them become financially stable and self-sufficient.

Breaking the reliance on the Big 3

For many years our AFL-CIO Community Services Program has run a robust set of activities & programs for the Labor Community to participate in, and activate your Members. In order to fund many of these programs, we would continuously turn to our friends at the Sacramento Central Labor Council, the Sacramento Building Trades Council, and the Coalition of Organized Labor (COOL) and ask for their financial assistance. With the prolonged recession, all of these organizations have been struggling with the loss of Affiliates & Union Membership over the years, which have hampered their ability to be as financially supportive of our Community Services programs & activities as they had in the past.

Our goal is to be a self-sufficient program, and not have to rely upon the generosity of our Brothers & Sisters in those organizations to operate a Community Services Program that helps so many of our Members in crisis, and engages them in community service projects in the region, while helping to raise resources for the United Way and their certified non-profit agency partners.

Be Supportive – Join the *UNION TEAM DONATE* Campaign

As you can see, there is a lot of great work that is being done in the Sacramento Region by our local United Way, and our AFL-CIO Community Services Committee. But we can’t do that work alone!

Please help us realize Tom Lawson’s dream of having a compassionate Labor Movement that is financially self-sufficient, and supportive of the great work that is being done for our fellow Union Members in crisis and the community, by supporting the United Way’s Community Impact work, and our AFL-CIO Community Services Committee!

Help us make significant change in the Sacramento Region by joining the *UNION TEAM DONATE* Team today!

For more information about the “UNION TEAM DONATE” program, or to participate in the program, please contact the United Way’s AFL-CIO Community Services Labor Liaison Greg Larkins at