Impact the Future
Women United 2020-21 Campaign


For almost 20 years our Women United membership has been dedicated to the idea that addressing the most critical needs of our local foster youth community will enrich the entire community as a whole and creates a better life for us all. And this year could be our most critical of them all.

Foster youth in crisis
Children and youth in foster care have often survived a lifetime of uncertainty and change, both before entering foster care and during foster care. For these children, changes like physical distancing during COVID-19 can trigger traumatic memories or symptoms.

During the pandemic, caring for children in foster care can be even more challenging than the usual day-to-day care given by parents, foster and kinship caregivers, and child welfare professionals. Many of these children have experienced adversity and trauma, leaving them more vulnerable to the changes that come with school closings, lack of daily contact with friends and mentors, and other forms of social distancing.

Not only are these youth facing the same problems they were before the pandemic started but it’s created a NEW need now for even more support.

At a time when the current global pandemic is limiting our one-on-one contact and engagement with our local foster youth. We are ready to step up our engagement financially through a variety of different ways and programs so we can ‘Impact the Future’ of our community today.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions.
This year we must step up to meet the challenge.

Goals for this season:

How to get involved: