Hydration Station Initiative Bringing Health Education to Robla
Meet the Health Education Council Interns who are making it happen


As a part of United Way’s Hydration Station Initiative, United Way is partnering with Health Education Council (HEC) to deliver Rethink Your Drink education to every student in the Robla School District. Ten Sacramento State University nursing students are spending every Tuesday at a Robla elementary school. Through HEC’s internship program, these nursing students are fulfilling the Hydration Station Initiative’s objective by encouraging elementary students to increase their water consumption and helping them become aware of their sugar intake.

Meet a few of the amazing interns and read how they are passionate to serve their community and learn about their enthusiasm in engaging with the youth:

Esther, HEC nursing intern “I come from a community where lots of people drink soda and sugary drinks and so it’s going to be important to tell them about their drink choices, especially with all the sugar. After being in this campaign, it  will help me to become more vocal in this aspect.”
- Esther, HEC nursing intern

Kevin, HEC nursing intern “The way we’re taught, we know that just constantly telling people to do something isn’t going to make them do it. It can even have the opposite effect. The fact that we’re having the kids learn it themselves and understand that water is better for you, it might prompt them to think about what they’re drinking, have their parents think about and understand that water is what you should be drinking instead of a lot of sugary stuff.“
- Kevin, HEC nursing intern

Melissa, HEC nursing intern “I like seeing the lightbulbs going up in the kid’s heads. I get really excited working with them and sometimes it is a challenge trying to figure out what way of teaching would be the most effective for each age group. When you find what works for them, it feels really good to see that happen and get them really excited about it. I like that the most.”
-  Melissa, HEC nursing intern

The interns will conclude their Rethink Your Drink campaign in December  before the next phase of the Hydration Station Initiative, the installation of the hydration stations and distribution of water bottles to students.  With the completion of the community service hours served during their HEC internship, the nursing students will be graduating from Sacramento State University this winter. Congratulations, Sacramento State University nursing class of 2015! We know you will have a lasting impression on the health of the students of Robla School District.