The Gift of Time Brings Unexpected Rewards


A recent article published by New York Magazine brings up some interesting thoughts about volunteering. Have you ever been involved in that project where the time has flown by, but you feel like you’ve accomplished so much? Apparently, we’re not alone. Welcome to the Time-Expanding Magic of Volunteering, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. These types of projects help me focus my mind and I arrive home ready to accomplish the next task on my list. Even if the next task on my weekend list is to finish watching those last couple episodes of “House of Cards” I feel better knowing that I’ve dedicated some of my “me” time to bettering my local community.

Since I’ve made and effort to dedicate time to volunteering, I’ve felt an increase in self-confidence, purposefulness and all around good cheer; as NY Mag says “Volunteering, albeit energy and time-consuming, may contribute to a greater sense of balance for people in the workforce, which might, in turn, positively influence health.” No matter how buried I am at work, helping out at a United Way Social or a weekend trip to a beach clean-up always seems to lighten my load a bit.

So find your passion in a community need. Help a kid learn to read, get down and dirty in a community garden, you never know where you’ll find the gift of a little extra time.

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