A Full-Circle Moment


Randy Rojas wears many hats. He’s a board member of United Way California Capital Region and District Council 16 Business Representative assigned to Local 1237 (Carpet, Tile & Soft Linoleum Workers DC 16). 

“A full-circle moment.” 

That’s how Randy Rojas described the call. 

Rojas, District Council 16 Business Representative assigned to Local 1237, heard Danielle, one of his union members, saying in grateful tears that she’d been one of 400 families who received a surprise holiday gift through United Way that cold December morning in West Sacramento.

It was $100, a relatively small amount that made a particularly big difference for a person under financial strain. As a newer member of Local 1237, Danielle is working her way through a few tough years to financial stability. This welcome and unexpected holiday gift relieved some pressure and inspired her to think of what she wants for her future:

“I want to do this for someone, someday. I want to be someone who helps others, too.”

Paying it forward, helping others, and, when there aren’t enough seats at the table…building a bigger one. That’s the ethos Randy operates under, as a union and involved community leader. It’s how he was raised by his parents, and what he strives to bring forth through his roles within the United Way, organized labor, his family, and the larger community.

“There are plenty of ways to get involved. You can volunteer, donate, tell others about ways they can help—you just need to jump in! And to know that when you help others in your community, you are part of that community.”

Randy’s one of many supporters who began by making contributions through his workplace. Since then, he’s grown in leadership and commitments to the community through his serving on the board at United Way. He gives back in ways large and small, knowing that each act of generosity adds up to big changes for others.

On May 5, the Big Day of Giving, he’ll join with a gift to United Way, knowing his donation impacts lives throughout our region in ways that matter.

You can help make a difference, too. Click here to learn more about this Big Day of Giving.