Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is eligible? 

  • Families who are experiencing financial hardships. 
  • Proof of residency in Sacramento county. 
  • Have a bank account that can accept an ACH transfer. 
  • Commit to filling out two (2) surveys over the next year on the impact of the funds received.

How does it work?

  • Participants who meet eligibility requirements will be identified by contract tracers/social workers. 
  • Families receive a unique code to sign-up and access the UpTogether platform. 
  • Using the UpTogether platform, UWCCR will invest up to $1,000 to individuals and $2,000 for a family.  
  • Based on need, households with multiple individuals/families living together can receive more than one payment.  
  • Families will get on this platform and identify the need for funding and then are surveyed on how they spend the funds.  
  • Platform allows for long-term social networking which is important for families to connect and share best practices, frustrations, wins, etc.  

What is UpTogether? 

The innovative technology platform, UpTogether, is designed for the exchange of financial and social capital. UpTogether allows people living in poverty to access unrestricted cash transfers and connect with other families to help one another accomplish their financial and personal goals. 

The UpTogether platform also incentivizes and promotes social capital exchanges amongst those receiving direct assistance. Families on the platform set their own goals and  work together to find solutions to the problems they face – from child care, rental assistance, to food and medical payments without having to go deep into debt and have a harder time emerging from this crisis.  

Families and individuals in this program will also be offered an opportunity to remain on the UpTogether platform long beyond the crisis and can continue to work with each other on longer-term goals such as starting a business, buying a home, or tuition for continuing education. This approach accelerates their social and economic mobility and makes poverty escapable. 

How does this tie into United Way California Capital Region’s Square One project? 

Square One Project, a 20-year commitment to significantly reduce poverty by increasing the number of kids who graduate from high school ready for college or career, was launched in 2016.  United Way brings together the community and partners to provide kids and families the resources they need to succeed and remove barriers that prevent kids from getting an education. 

The Sacramento County COVID-19 Collaborative Program falls under the Square One Project/Ensuring Strong Support building block for success. Through this pillar we help support families with the tools and resources they need to get ahead. The assistance from this program will provide those most vulnerable with the necessary financial resources they need to sustain themselves during the quarantine time period. 

Can donors support this program specifically? 

No, donors cannot support the Sacramento County COVID-19 Collaborative Program specifically. This program is fully funded through Sierra Health Foundation. However, this program is a part of United Way’s overall work and ties directly into our Square One Project. It is a great example of how we’re filling the gaps and serving those in our community who need it most.