Finding value in volunteerism after retirement
Baby Boomers look to retiree giving club to make a difference

Post Article by Russ Gostage

As the Baby Boomer Generation begins to enter its golden years, many of us are looking for something to do, something that will allow us to give back to our communities while adding value to our lives. The Retiree Giving Club (RGC) is just the place for you! The club’s goal is to bring volunteer opportunities to you, the hardest working generation in the history of America and to put your work ethic and vast knowledge to good use by helping those in need.

Nearly a quarter of Americans were born between 1946 and 1964, making up this generation. That’s more than 75 million people! In their heyday, the boomers were an unprecedented economic force, pushing up rates of homeownership, consumer spending and, most important of all, employment. It’s no coincidence that the U.S. labor force participation rate, the share of the adult population that has a job or is trying to find one, hit a record high in the late 1990s, when the boomers were at the peak of their working lives.

Today, there are nearly 52.4 million people age 60 or older in the United States, and by 2030, one in every five Americans will be age 60 or older. Many of them may be retired, but that doesn’t mean that America’s retirees are no longer working. More than 23 percent of people older than age 65 engage in volunteer activity. As the country’s senior class continues to grow, baby boomers will play an even larger role in giving back to their communities. From mentoring children in need to keeping the country’s parks and monuments up and running, volunteer opportunities for retirees abound.

Here are top 15 reasons people become involved with volunteer boards and committees

1. To use professional and personal knowledge, skills and talents
2. To develop new knowledge and skills
3. To be involved in purposeful and meaningful work
4. To play an active role in decision-making
5. To help an organization, a program or cause
6. To learn about an organization, program or cause
7. To meet people
8. To gain recognition and skills
9. To have a title or add to a résumé
10. To increase one’s profile in the community in order to advance political aspirations
11. To feel useful and needed
12. To contribute to social change
13. To use leisure time productively
14. To have fun
15. To work with people who have similar beliefs, values or interests

This is your opportunity to sign up and become an active member of the Retiree Giving Club right here in Sacramento’s five-county region. Help make a difference in the lives of those around you just as you have done in the traditional workplace.

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