Find support on Facebook and Twitter


Facebook & TwitterUsing social media tools like Facebook and Twitter can increase the success of your fundraising by up to 40%! Read on to learn how to use social media in the best way possible for your campaign.

Get started on Facebook by tagging the people that have already donated to you and thanking them for their donations.

When you tag someone, your post gets shared in your activity feed, and the other person’s activity feed too. This also sets the frame that people are already donating to your page (remember success breeds success!).

Set internal goals

(e.g., $200 by the end of week two, $400 by end of week four, etc.). Use your social media accounts to give updates of your progress toward each goal and ask for people to help you get over the next hurdle.

Don’t make every post an “ask.”

Share inspiring news stories or other positive anecdotes about the cause, too! Share information and images posted on the Young Leaders Society page.

Consider offering your own gifts.

You can offer incentives to friends and family who help you reach your goal. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a token of your appreciation.

Sample Facebook Posts:

My [birthday age year, e.g., 30th] birthday is coming up this year and I’d love if you could give me the best gift … a donation to help improve an at-risk student’s life! Please check out my fundraiser for the Young Leaders Society’s Hydration Station Initiative and make a donation of $[birthday age year, e.g., $30] to help provide full access to drinking water for the elementary students at Robla School District. Thanks! [LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Help me give at-risk students the opportunity to live their healthiest lives. 2,200+ students in Robla School District have limited access to water during their school day. Help fund the installation of Hydration Stations by making a donation to my fundraising page today [LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Thanks to the amazing people in my life who donated [tag them]! I’ve raised $[amount] so far! To anyone who hasn’t given yet, please help me out and make a donation to my Hydration Station fundraiser to provide full access to drinking water to at-risk elementary students in our community. Thank you! [LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Poor hydration can result in impaired cognition, altered mood, and reduced ability to engage in physical activity. Help me ensure that Sacramento area elementary school students are healthy and hydrated! [Link to fundraising page.]

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can increase overall calorie intake and risk of obesity. Donate today to make increased water consumption a healthy habit for children. [Link]

Join me in educating more than 2,200 students about the value of water for healthy living, and the importance of conserving this precious resource during a time of extreme drought in California. [Link]

Thank you for promoting healthy living and obesity prevention to some of the most at-risk students and families in our region. Your donation to my YLS Hydration Station fundraising page is helping more than 2,200 local students. Thanks!

Sample Twitter Posts:

I’m fundraising for water – and it’s for at-risk kids in our community. Find out why 2,200 kids need our help. [SHORT LINK]

Just launched a fundraiser for at-risk elementary students. Find out how $20 makes a difference.  [SHORT LINK]

It’s my bday and I’m raising money to put drinking fountains into community schools for at-risk students. Help me raise $XX for @uwccrYLS and donate today. [SHORT LINK]

Not all students in our region have full-access to drinking water during the day. This is why I’m raising $XX. Find out more: [SHORT LINK]