Farm to Healthy Meals seed planting activity
Students at Main Avenue Elementary learn firsthand how to grow fresh produce


Healthy communities start at Square One – with healthy meals! By ensuring kids learn about good nutrition and healthy eating habits, we are helping establish a strong foundation to keep kids in school. 

As Sacramento is the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America, it seemed fitting to get the kiddos in on the action. Some of our AmeriCorps VISTAs have been visiting our Healthy Meals sites and leading seed planting activities with the kids. This engaging, hands-on activity allowed the kids to learn about the life cycle of fruits and vegetables even before it goes in their tummy! They were able to see how fruits and vegetables grow starting from a seed and turning into a delicious treat to eat. 

Here’s a look at the students planting their seeds:

Not only did the kids thoroughly enjoy picking and planting their seeds, they also get to watch them grow and learn about many different things that go into growing produce. The children are keeping journals to observe how their plants grow while learning about the responsibility of caring for their plant. As soon as the seeds were planted, many of the kids moved their containers into the sunlight because they knew that was a key component to growing fruits and vegetables.

This was a great way to educate students about growing food and the different foods that help make up a healthy diet. As the weather gets warmer, this activity helped students get excited for all the great foods they can enjoy during the summer months. All of this was made possible by our Walmart Foundation grant.

For more information on our Healthy Meals program, click here.