Employee Volunteer Opportunities


What if managers could encourage their employees to leave early, take a long lunch, or come in late? Chaos?!?  Not exactly. Such encouragement could actually have numerous benefits for the company when made in the context of an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP). EVPs allow companies to share a different kind of resource with their community—the human kind. By donating their own staff, sometimes even during the workday, businesses can again reach out to their community and make a difference in a way that solves a local need, creates more satisfied employees, and a tighter community

This past recession has made it difficult for businesses to financially contribute to their local communities as they once had and even though the economy has started to improve, there is still a long way to go. With tighter budgets, now more than ever, businesses need a more innovative way to connect with and gain standing within the local community as well as keep their employees engaged. Fortunately there are many partnerships and program, such as Junior Achievement and United Way’s corporate sponsored volunteer days, that can help achieve just that.

 Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of employee volunteer programs for the employer, the employee, and the community.