Creative Corner: Free Writing piece featuring Corey Rodda


Self-care is a critical part of preventing burn-out and overload during your year of service. We should always strive to practice self-care through reflection, expression, and conscientiousness.

In January, we explored the healing properties of free writing. Below is a piece written by Corey Rodda from Wellspring Women’s Center as a response to our prompt: work.

Sister Claire and Sister Catherine founded Wellspring with the humble mission to serve women with dignity and love and to give them a place to come where they could be exposed to the warm familial happiness that those of us who have been swaddled in the protective glow of a healthy family take for granted.

Through their love, they wanted to give women of limited means, freedom. They desired to give women who were destitute – financially or emotionally – blunt hope and a lighthouse to steer them to shore. It is through connection that we heal – hugs, handshakes, breakfast chatter and a listening ear. Robbed of community, how can we can we distance ourselves from our tragedies when they are all that tir us to this world?

Claire and Catherine know what work is – their vision is not just idealism in the sky. Like any work, it has been achieved through sweat and tears.

 Work is learning to listen and be present without judgement. It is washing and ironing elegant cream colored tablecloths. It is polishing china for the guests of Wellspring to eat donuts upon each weekday morning. It is brewing coffee and healing through conversation. Work is decorating Wellspring for each holiday so that guests can possess incandescent memories of celebrations when they forgot, for a brief moment, about how they would make rent.

Work is about softening our presumptions about each other so that we can truly see and creating a model, best defined as a spiritual energy that is still present in their pink painted breakfast house 30 years since they founded Wellspring. Here, everyone’s best qualities are elevated and illuminated and kindness scents the air like a Glade Plug Inn.

Work is about solidarity and uncovering the lies that we were told about the poor and understanding that they are deserving of generosity. Because whether or not they are sleeping outside, working in the farm fields or battling mental illness … they know what work is. 

To learn more about how you can practice free-writing, check out this website.