Creating an impact in 2020
Building stronger communities where every child has access to a high quality education, and every family is financially stable and self-sufficient.

Post Stephanie McLemore Bray
January 2020 

There are just too many nonprofit organizations in this region! 
I hear this all the time. From donors. From volunteers. And even from nonprofit leaders. What I don’t hear about as often is the impact of nonprofits on the economy and the role that they play in addressing poverty in our state. 

According to the new CausesCount findings, a report commissioned by CalNonprofits on the economic power of nonprofit organizations in California, “nonprofits are key contributors to California’s economy, with nonprofit economic activity generating approximately 15% of California’s Gross State Product.”

The impact of nonprofit organizations cannot be understated: “California state, county and city governments rely heavily on nonprofits to serve communities.” In fact, “California governments rely on nonprofits to provide healthcare and community services, to build housing…to care for children…manage foster care, protect natural resources and more.” California nonprofits are also highly-trusted organizations. According to the report, “Over 80% of Californians surveyed for this study are confident that nonprofits act ethically, help people in poverty, and protect the earth, animals, and environment.” 

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This vote of confidence means everything to our United Way. We strive to be the best stewards we can be of the time, treasure and talent we are given.

Our vision is to build stronger communities where every child has access to a high quality education, and where every family is financially stable and self-sufficient. That’s what our Square One Project is all about. If we partner with communities to help end poverty, starting at school, we will have honored the promise we make every day to those community members, our donors and our volunteer.

United Way leverages every dollar you give to the Square One Project by investing in, and with, other nonprofits, for-profit businesses and government agencies to get results.  Because of your support, low-income children receive the tutoring they need in the classroom to improve their grade-level reading. Those students also receive healthy nutritious meals after school and during the summer. Families receive free tax prep and financial coaching to bring them one step closer to self-sufficiency. None of this would be possible without partnerships.

As we enter this new decade, we will continue to invest resources in our Square One Project to achieve our goals of keeping kids in school, keeping them on track, setting high expectations for their success and providing strong family support.

We will continue our partnership with the Robla School district in 2020. Because we believe that communities know best the challenges they face, we are in conversations with stakeholders in Woodland to understand their community’s challenges so that together, we can create solutions that will get results. Regionally, we will continue to convene nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, school districts and government agencies to address hunger, and to help families achieve financial stability. That is what makes United Way unique and it is a role that the for-profit and government sectors rely on us to play.

We thank all of our donors, volunteers and community members who are making the Square One Project possible. We also salute our nonprofit partners in this region. Together, we are vital drivers of our economy and are the heart of our communities.