Closing the Achievement Gap


Summer creates heightened stress and uncertainty for many families. Without the resources and stability the school year provides, many are faced with food instability compounded by a lack of affordable activities for kids, and potential learning loss over the summer.

Research shows that students lose ground academically when they are out of school during the summer — a phenomenon known as ”the summer slide.” 

The effects of summer learning loss are cumulative. Low-income students can fall behind their peers up to 2.5 to 3 years by fifth grade. Thus, widening the achievement gap and increasing the likelihood that these children will drop out of high school. 

Summer STARS helps close this achievement gap by combating the summer slide. United Way is focused helping kids meet early literacy milestones during the school year, and Summer STARS continues that work by helping them retain those skills over the summer. The result, we’ll help keep kids will stay on track for the next school year and ready to achieve.