Building a Volunteer Team

Post Steve McLaughlin

It’s important to find ways to connect with one another and continue to plan for the growth of United Way California Capital Region’s Tocqueville Society. At the same time, it’s critical that we take a safe approach to this effort, and abide by the current and evolving governmental policies in our state and country. The question What’s Next? is both excellent and appropriate and one that is difficult to answer in the definitive. The first step is to build out the volunteer team that will help lead this group forward. Key volunteer leaders are needed to provide direction, be the voice of our members, and engage with others who share our philanthropic mindset. 

The Tocqueville Council of Volunteers (TCV) will define planning for the second half of 2021 and for subsequent years to come. With their guidance and direction, we will implement an activities calendar that will include volunteer projects, networking opportunities, social events and conversations with United Way’s leadership team. The TCV will also help determine communication and outreach strategies, allowing for easy and interesting opportunities to stay engaged with one another, our work in the community, and with the worldwide network of Tocqueville members. 

In the interim, as we continue to adjust for COVID protocols, we will build our volunteer base, reach out to the membership for feedback and input, cultivate new members, establish a Speaker Series (online initially and in-person in the future), and work with United Way Worldwide to further develop our connection to other Tocqueville Societies, their members and their causes. We are excited to connect you with this larger network of leaders who share your philanthropic mindset and community-driven perspective. This incredible network will open doors to new opportunities and help us make an even bigger impact in the community. 

Keep an eye out for more information via both traditional mail and email in the coming weeks. However, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. I would love to talk with you and hear your advice as to how we can be better in 2021. 

Thank you for your support, guidance and leadership!