Boosting Your Savings
Explore these four incentives to learn how we can help grow your Seed Account.


Initial $25 Seed

Every kindergartener starts with $25 in the Seed Account. You get that just for claiming the account!

Financial Workshop – $100

Earn $100 when you attend one of our qualifying, cost-free workshops. See the Financial Workshop button to learn about upcoming workshops! The next one is hosted online by Golden 1 on March 23rd at 2:30 pm. 

Refer a Friend – $50 

When new users name you as a reference after they claim their account, you will receive an additional $50 deposit to your account.  This is limited to one deposit per person and one reference per new user. New users must be parents/guardians of kindergarteners enrolled at one of our 10 partner schools.

Matching funds – $50

If you decide to open your own 529 account to deposit your own money, we will match your deposit at a 2:1 rate up to $50. For example, if you invested $25, we would add $50 to your child’s Seed Account. Please note that this is the only incentive requiring a deposit on your part.

In summary,

You can grow your child’s account to $175 this year without investing your own money. By signing up, referring a friend, and attending a workshop, you can save for your child’s future even if you don’t feel ready to save. 

If you are ready to save, we are ready too! When you choose to invest in your own 529 account, we will match with another $50.