United Way Local Relief Fund
April 29 Update: 814 Families Helped


There appears to be no upper limit to the generosity in this community. In just over a month, the capital region has committed $473,000 to our United Way COVID-19 Local Relief Fund. There are now 814 families across Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties who have received their one-time $500 distribution.
Alaja Pattio, a young mom in Sacramento, sent a video expressing her gratitude for the funding. In the video, she says, “Thank you to all of the people who made it happen to help me through this tough time. Without the pandemic, I was already living paycheck to paycheck. There are things that we need, and that doesn’t stop just because the world is sick. Our children need clothes, shoes and food. Those are essential, and if your job isn’t essential, then you’re no longer able to provide.”
Watch Alaja’s 2-minute video
We have finalized and are grateful to our 11 nonprofit partners across our five-county region that are working hard to identify families like Alaja’s and ensure they receive the help they need during the pandemic. 
We also continue to say thank you to our Donate4Sacramento donors who have contributed gifts to the Support Families area – those funds are being distributed to Sacramento families through our Local Relief Fund. 
We are deeply grateful to the organizations and individuals who have committed funds to our United Way COVID-19 Local Relief Fund.