Where is the application?

Just click here! You can create your UpTogether account and apply for the fund with that link. Remember: Enrollment closes May 23rd. 

Will DIPS affect my eligibility for other benefits?

The short answer is maybe. Depending on the benefit program requirements, additional income from DIPS could move participants above the income threshold for other benefits programs. 

Use the unofficial table above to help inform how DIPS interacts with CalFresh and WIC. Generally speaking, unless a household is near the top of the DIPS income limit, the additional $3,600 of annual DIPS funds is unlikely to affect eligibility for these other programs. CalFresh also exempts $300 per quarter  of “charitable contributions” from income. That means only $2,400 per year of DIPS funds should count towards eligibility for CalFresh. 

CalWORKS income thresholds are lower than DIPS, so participants receiving benefits from CalWORKS should review the income thresholds for CalWORKS before applying for DIPS. 

Click here to review CalFresh income thresholds.

Click here to review WIC income thresholds.

What is the relationship between UWCCR and UpTogether?

UWCCR has designed DIPS and organizes functions related to the program. UWCCR also funds the program and advocates in the Capital Region for change related to DIPS.

UpTogether provides the technical expertise and the platform that makes DIPS possible. They disburse the payments and process applications for DIPS. Drawing from decades of experience, they also strongly inform UWCCR’s philosophy and the strengths-based approach in DIPS.

UWCCR and UpTogether do not share individual participant data. In fact, UWCCR can not access any individual participant’s information they used to set up their UpTogether account. UpTogether does look at the overall data related to DIPS, including things like overall trends in survey responses. 

If I make more money after I begin DIPS, do I lose funding?

No! In fact, we expect that DIPS participants will increase their savings and income beyond the $300/month deposits. That’s why it’s an investment in participants. We believe in participants and encourage them to use a small $300 monthly payment to achieve the best for themselves. We believe that the overall price of funding DIPS will return much greater value at the individual, family, and community levels. 

What happens to my personal data and the documents I upload to apply for DIPS?

UpTogether is committed to protecting participant privacy. Your sensitive documents remain private and are only used to verify eligibility for DIPS. In fact, UWCCR does not have access to these materials. Please review UpTogether’s Privacy Policy for further details.

Do I need a bank account?

No. It is recommended as the most efficient and secure way to receive deposits and the only way to turn DIPS deposits into cash. If participants prefer, there is an option to instead receive a prepaid gift card.