What is Kindergarten to College and other questions you may have.


How much do I have to deposit every month?

This is the most common question we receive in person. K2C does not require participants to deposit any of their own money. We understand if you do not feel ready to save for college today, which is why we offer multiple incentives that require none of your own money to earn. 

If you are ready to save, we think that’s great! We can help you do that. If you link a ScholarShare 529 account through your account portal and make a deposit, we will match each dollar with two up to $50 in your K2C Account. 

How do I sign up?

It depends on which school your student attends. If your child is a kindergartener in Robla School District, they have already started saving for college. Back in November, we came to an agreement with Robla School District to automatically open and fund K2C Accounts for every kindergarten student. All you need to do is contact your K2C Coordinator to request a link to claim the account.

If your child is a kindergartener in one of our five Sacramento City Unified School District sites, you must first sign an opt-in form. After that, a K2C Coordinator will send you a link via email to claim the account. You can find a K2C Coordinator at your student’s school every other week during pick-up or drop off time. You can also contact a coordinator directly to get the process started.

Can my other children receive a K2C Seed Account?

We can only offer Seed Accounts and incentives to current Kindergarten students in our 10 partner schools.  For example, if you have a child in Kindergarten and 3rd grade in Robla School District, we can only offer your youngest our program. 

If you are ready to save for your other children’s future, we would recommend opening an account with our partner ScholarShare 529. In fact, you may qualify for their 2020 Matching Grant Program. If you qualify, they can offer you dollar-for-dollar matching deposits up to $200. 

What is a Kindergarten to College Seed Account?

K2C Seed Accounts are $25 savings accounts that will be opened for kindergarteners in qualifying schools. This seed money from United Way is held within a ScholarShare 529 account for the student. Furthermore, families can open another 100% tax-free ScholarShare 529 account at no cost to receive further matching awards from United Way. Information about ScholarShare 529 can be found at scholarshare529.com

What is ScholarShare?

ScholarShare is a state-sponsored, tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan that helps families and individuals plan for the cost of higher education. It’s available to any citizen or taxpayer in California.

What is a 529 plan?

A 529 is a special saving account designed to encourage early, affordable, and consistent saving towards college or any form of post-secondary education. For more information on 529 plans, including their advantages and possible incentives, please visit the ScholarShare 529 website.

How can I make deposits into my child’s K2C Account?

There are two ways to grow your child’s account. First, you can choose to pursue one of our incentives. You should know that you could potentially grow your child’s account to $175 without investing your own money.

At this time, all changes to the K2C Seed Account, including any incentive or matching awards, will be completed by UWCCR and the City of Sacramento who administer the K2C Program. As such, families may not make direct contributions to the K2C Seed Account. You can, however, link a ScholarShare 529 through the account portal and make your own deposits there. Just click the green link under accounts that says “Link 529″ to get started. If you set up your own 529 and make a deposit, we will match each dollar with two up to $50 in your K2C Account!