Floor Coverers Local 1237 assists Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

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On Saturday, March 21st members of Floor Coverers Local Union 1237 came out to the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Service’s food distribution center on Bell Avenue in North Sacramento, to assist this organization with sprucing up the aging facility once owned by Senior Gleaners.

In December of 2014, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFB&FS) merged with Senior Gleaners to provide over 150,000 families in the Sacramento Region with food assistance every month. With the acquisition of Senior Gleaners, the SFB&FS also acquired the former Senior Gleaner Food Distribution Center on Bell Avenue, in North Sacramento. This facility was in high use over the years, and is now in need of a little TLC.

In January, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services agreed to be the AFL-CIO’s primary emergency food provider when our Members & their Families are in need of emergency food assistance anytime during the year. The SFB&FS also agreed to be our Operation Christmas Basket Program’s exclusive food provider, which will enable over 200 Union Families to receive a complete Christmas dinner during the holiday season!

So in exchange for the generosity offered by our friends at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, Local Unions are looking to help this organization that is going to assist so many of their Members and families, by assisting them in sprucing up this aging facility, and helping SFB&FS expand their services to assist even more families in the Sacramento Region!

One of the first projects the AFL-CIO Community Services Committee was asked to address was the issue of the old, worn-out carpet in the SFB&FS offices. The AFL-CIO Community Services Committee always respects the jurisdictional work by our Building Trades Unions, and reaches out to those respective Local Unions whose scope of that volunteer work is covered by that particular Building Trades Union.

So on Saturday, March 21st, the members of Floor Coverers Local Union 1237 showed up early with their tools ready, to remove the old carpeting and base board from the hallways of the SFB&FS facility.

Once everyone gathered for coffee, donuts, and their volunteer t-shirts, they developed a game plan for removing the old baseboard & carpeting, and the work then began.

A team of volunteers immediately began removing the old baseboard, while another team followed closely behind pulling up the old, extremely worn carpeting.  Once the carpeting was removed, the professionals from Floor Coverers Local Union 1237 began the process of removing the old adhesive that remained on the floor. This process presented some challenges, and so assistance from the Local 1237 Apprenticeship program was called upon to lend a hand, and remove the remaining adhesive.

The next step in the flooring project is to apply a clear coat to the exposed concrete floor.  Cody Bik, a business representative from Cement Masons Local 400, has agreed to bring in a team of his Local Union Members to facilitate this portion if the project the very next weekend.

Once the clear coat application is completed, the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services will then have an office that they will be proud to invite their supporters and volunteers over to for many years to come.

We have to thank Floor Coverers Local Union 1237 Business Representative Randy Rojas, and Cement Masons Local Union 400 Business Representative Cody Bik for lending their expertise to this project, and for asking their Local Union Members to volunteer their time to help out with the work! We could not have done this job without their help, and expertise!

This flooring project is just one of many volunteer projects that our AFL-CIO Community Services Committee will be asking our Local Union’s & their volunteers to participate in, in the next couple of months.  We will have painting, electrical, and landscaping projects on tap in the near future at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services facility, and we would love to have your Local Union’s volunteers on any of those projects. Please look for future announcements about these and other volunteer projects, and enlist your team of Local Union activists to assist!