Volunteer Davis Club with United Way
A new generation of campus leaders


Welcome to Volunteer Davis! Our club is a Student United Way Affiliate on the UC Davis Campus where passionate student leaders are committed to improving lives and strengthening communities. We focus on education, financial stability, and health; because these are the things everyone needs to build a good quality life.

UC Davis has a warm vibe felt all over campus and beyond, and we want not only to be a part of it, but to give back and to participate in volunteering that enriches everyone involved. Our vision is to make volunteering work for busy people like you.  If you have some free time, or want to plan a volunteer event in advance, check our volunteer opportunity database to see if there is something positive you can do in the community. Opportunities are categorized by date so that you know exactly all of the options that work with your schedule, and by category so you can browse opportunities most interesting to you. The only things you have to worry about are contacting the organization to sign up and showing up! However you choose to contribute will be greatly appreciated and greeted with a smile. This is because we offer exclusive one-time volunteer opportunities.

Get in, make a difference, get out.  

There is no feeling like volunteering: You feel accomplished, grateful, and genuinely happy. We hope to get more people involved and helping others.  This community has given us so much, it is about time we gave something back!

For more information: info.volunteerdavis@gmail.com

You can work with United Way and other groups to make a difference in your community and raise money for projects that students care about.

Have questions, contact Diana Vo.