Join the Movement
Making sure everyone has the building blocks for a good life

It isn’t a cause. It’s a movement. The cycle must be broken.

The challenges facing our community can seem overwhelming.

A third of kids drop out of high school
More than a quarter of local families are not financially stable
Nearly a third of kids are overweight

And they all tie together:

  • Kids from low-income families are more likely to drop out.
  • When they drop out, they earn less income.
  • With less income, access to safe housing, health care, or healthy food for their families is limited and increases their risk of obesity.
  • When kids become overweight, their academics suffer due to illness, bullying and malnutrition, and they’re more likely to drop out of high school.

It’s a vicious, complicated cycle that tears down the building blocks for a good life. But we’re already hard at work rebuilding.

Together we’re making sure:

United Way California Capital Region is leading the movement to make sure everyone has the building blocks for a good life – strengthening our community and benefiting us all. We’ve assembled a team of the best and brightest nonprofits, companies, government bodies, volunteers and donors who are working hard to tackle these issues through our LIVE UNITED movement.

Together we can help people break this vicious cycle. And when we strengthen one person, we strengthen the whole community.