Small child in center, holding hands with Mom and sister.

Direct Invest Program in Sacramento


United Way California Capital Region’s Direct Investment Program in Sacramento invests directly in families and uses the UpTogether platform to amplify the social capital of those families.  

Why is this Important? 

Rather than providing social workers, conditional services or specific direction, the Direct Investment Program creates an environment where families come together, empower themselves and are trusted to improve their lives in their own way. This type of social justice investing empowers families to build both financial and social capital to help address inequities in our region.

Who is Eligible? 

Families must reside in Sacramento County, meet 100-150% of the California Poverty Measure, have a form of ID, home/mobile internet access, decision-making power over their life and not in active crisis.  

How it Works

After an open enrollment period, families will be selected through a lottery system. Families use the UpTogether platform to manage their account, set their own goals, and share their experiences and unique expertise with other participants. Monthly payments are distributed to the families and surveys gathering information on goals and progress to independence are also completed.

How does this tie into United Way’s Square One project? 

The Direct Investment Program in Sacramento falls under the Square One/Set High Expectations building block for success. Through this pillar we help kids and their families aim high and achieve their goals.