Washington Unified School District

As part of our Strengthening Schools pillar in our Square One Approach to end local poverty, we are partnering with Washington Unified School District in West Sacramento on two Community Schools.

Community schools are designed to support all aspects of a child’s life by serving as neighborhood hubs to strengthen families and improve community health.

With one located at Riverbank Elementary and the other at River City High School (RCHS), we are leading the planning process of this innovative pilot project with the aim to apply systemic solutions to address individual student needs.

The overall planning process includes extensive communication and research among local students, families, school staff and government agencies.

Plans are also underway to offer extended learning opportunities via before & after school programs designed to reverse the learning losses of recent years. Activities will include field trips, team-oriented STEM and language challenges, as well as youth character, and job-skills development.

To find out more and get involved in the Community Schools planning process, email [email protected]

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