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Nonprofit Partners

Bringing people together is what we do best. We partner with 160 nonprofits to impact our communities. In partnership with more than 300 companies, United Way raises more than $3 million each year for nonprofits through Workplace Giving Campaigns. 


United Way Nonprofit Certification

As a United Way certified partner, you can be more effective, transparent and make a greater impact on the lives of those you serve. Certification gives donors the confidence to give to nonprofit organizations without hesitation, knowing we have the community’s best interest in mind.

The 2022-2023 nonprofit certification process is currently CLOSED.


Track Donations to My Nonprofit

Payouts to nonprofits are based on the amount collected from employees. United Way issues payouts to nonprofits designated by donors, monthly, quarterly and annually.  

  • Monthly Payments - Nonprofits signed up for EFT receive payments monthly (based on pledge collections), regardless of the amount.  If you are not signed up for EFT, download your form here and follow the instructions to sign up.
  • Quarterly Payments - Nonprofits that are not signed up for EFT are paid quarterly (if their payout is for a total of $25 or more).  
  • Annual Payments - Nonprofits that have a payout that is $25 or less are paid annually at the end of the campaign.

Have you received a check from United Way and want to look up the donor details? Go here to access our nonprofit portal. Questions? Call our Donor Hotline at (888) 863-6466!