Nonprofit Partners


Nonprofit Partners

Our local United Way partners with a wide variety of nonprofits, organizations, and programs that focus on building a stronger community for us all. United Way’s traditional role of running workplace giving campaigns is but one small benefit we provide to the nonprofit community.


United Way Nonprofit Certification

Being a certified nonprofit partner with United Way is special. It means you can be effective, transparent, and dedicated to improving people’s lives in our community. 

The nonprofit certification process is now closed. To get on the list for the next certification cycle (2022-2023), fill out the form below.


Track Donations to My Nonprofit

United Way makes payments to nonprofits donated to on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October). We encourage all of our nonprofits to sign up for EFT in order to be paid out monthly. See below for the nonprofit payout schedule. Please note: any administrative fee for donations are taken out of the first nonprofit payout of the calendar year.

Payment Frequency
Payouts to nonprofits are based on the amount collected from employees. United Way issues payouts to nonprofits designated by donors, monthly, quarterly and annually.  

Monthly Payments
Nonprofits signed up for EFT receive payments monthly (based on pledge collections), regardless of the amount.  If you are not signed up for EFT, download your form here and follow the instructions to sign up.

Quarterly Payments
Nonprofits that are not signed up for EFT are paid quarterly (if their payout is for a total of $25 or more).  

Annual Payments
Nonprofits that have a payout that is $25 or less are paid annually at the end of the campaign.

The payment schedule for 2020 is as follows, please allow 30-45 days to receive payments:

Pledge Payment Collected          Payment to Nonprofit             Payment Type

01.01.20 – 01.31.20                          By 03.15.20                                        Monthly
02.01.20 – 02.28.20                          By 04.15.20                                       Monthly
03.01.20– 03.31.20                           By 05.15.20                                      Quarterly

04.01.19 – 04.30.20                          By 06.15.20                                       Monthly
05.01.19 – 05.31.20                          By 07.15.20                                        Monthly
06.01.19 – 06.30.20                          By 08.15.20                                     Quarterly

07.01.19 – 07.31.20                          By 09.15.20                                        Monthly
08.01.19 – 08.31.20                          By 10.15.20                                        Monthly
09.01.19 – 09.30.20                          By 11.15.20                                       Quarterly

10.01.19 – 10.31.20                          By 12.15.20                                         Monthly
11.01.19 – 11.30.20                          By 01.15.21                                         Monthly
12.01.19 – 12.31.20                          By 02.15.21                       Quarterly / Annual

Have you received a check from United Way and want to look up the donor details? Go here to access our nonprofit portal. Questions? Call our Donor Hotline at (888) 863-6466!