Join us at Square One.
Ending poverty starts in school


Join us at Square One.

The numbers are clear: school is square one for reaching all families and ensuring children are healthy and successful in life.

Sacramento-area kids who graduate from college are 62% less likely to live in poverty than those who drop out of high school.

In 2016, we launched our Square One Project, a 20-year commitment to significantly reduce poverty by increasing the number of kids who graduate from high school ready for college or career. 

As the backbone of the Square One Project, United Way brings together the community and our partners to provide kids and families the resources they need to succeed and remove barriers that prevent kids from getting an education.

We have already seen results in the first four years addressing issues such as hunger, housing, education, finances and more - through our four building blocks for success. Our community now faces new and deepening hurdles, which changes some of our work. We are working with community partners to provide families with tools and resources for their kids to succeed.