Week of Thanks – Honoring SMUD


This week, United Way California Capital Region would like to take the time to honor our generous leadership givers, who donate $1k or more each year, and our top corporate partners for their outstanding contributions to our community.

SMUD has created a successful campaign by hosting their amazing carnival and golf tournament. Both of these events are made extremely enjoyable for participants with the inclusion of great music, food, raffles, and even a dunk tank. Our very own CEO Steve Heath enjoys taking a dive in the dunk tank at a good price for a good cause.

The staff at SMUD works hard to assure high attendance and a great time. There is so much effort and planning behind these events that ultimately make them as enjoyable as they are.

The effort put in by the SMUD staff surely had an enourmous impact on the campaign. This year, the carnival raised more than $14,000 and the golf tournament held at Haggin Oaks raised more than $3,000.

We thank you SMUD for your commitment to our community!


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