Week of Thanks – Honoring Nordstrom


This week, United Way California Capital Region would like to take the time to honor our generous leadership givers, who donate $1k or more each year, and our top corporate partners for their outstanding contributions to our community.

This year, all four of our Nordstrom stores have put forth impressive effort into their campaign practices. Nordstrom has done an unparalleled job of encouraging employees to participate in their campaign.

Campaign leadership and managers were exceptional at motivating their employees to join in the effort, especially with this being the first year without the “mandatory” status of Saturday campaign presentations. They found that the Nordstrom employees were so giving, participation in the optional campaign kick-off meetings remained high.

In addition to these kick-off meetings, each location held a Manager Tour to promote employee involvement. These tours included manager meetings, presentations, and several fun events (including an auction). Some of the stores even held weekly rallies featuring nonprofit speakers to get their employees excited about this year’s campaign.

With the support from campaign leaders and managers, Nordstrom was able to increase their campaign total by almost 6%. Overall, the Nordstrom campaign raised over $100,000 with more than half going directly towards United Way’s Community Impact Fund

Dedicated managers and employees have made this all possible. We thank you Nordstrom for your commitment to our community!


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