Week of Thanks – Honoring Intel


This week, United Way California Capital Region would like to take the time to honor our generous leadership givers, who donate $1k or more each year, and our top corporate partners for their outstanding contributions to our community.

By creating innovative programs to encourage employee giving this year, Intel was able to increase employee giving and raise $1.4 million in their campaign. The employee giving campaign was complimented by the “Intel – a great place to work” campaign. Additionally, healthy competition among Intel managers was generated by the Business United Chair program.

Annette Bachmeier and her employee committee even held Intel’s first ever casino night to raise awareness for the campaign. Employee contributions and revenues from special events, raffles, and auctions played a substantial role in this year’s campaign. Christina Chin also helped create an involved Intel culture with her “rewards” program for donors.

Ultimately, Intel’s new campaign efforts have been a great success. In addition to the $1.4 million raised, Intel Corporation also provided $989,000 in matching gifts. Despite having one less week and a reduced budget in this year’s campaign, Intel increased employee giving by more than $200,000 and the corporate gift by $20,000. Intel has 100 more donors than last year and currently have their highest average gift ever - $1,256.

The success of this year’s campaign would not have been possible without the creative, involved team at Intel, as well as their giving employees. We thank you Intel for your commitment to our community!


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