Week of Thanks – Honoring Dr. Pepper Snapple Group


This week, United Way California Capital Region would like to take the time to honor our generous leadership givers, who donate $1k or more each year, and our top corporate partners for their outstanding contributions to our community.

The employees at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group have outdone themselves in this year’s campaign. Two exceptional employee campaign coordinators, one for sales and one for manufacturing, worked together with management to run a very successful campaign.

Through these collaborative efforts, materials were provided and meetings were held to discuss new ideas for campaign activities. These discussions later successfully came into fruition to raise money and create awareness.

This year at the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, participation increased from under 35 donors to over 60 and money contributions raised from $5,552.00 to $13,679.04 for a 41% increase. Of 300 employees, 79 employees were kind donors this year with a 14% increase from last year. This should provide an image of exactly how great of a campaign year the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has had.

We thank you Dr. Pepper Snapple Group for your commitment to our community!


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