Week of Thanks – Honoring Costco


This week, United Way California Capital Region would like to take the time to honor our generous leadership givers, who donate $1k or more each year, and our top corporate partners for their outstanding contributions to our community.

Costco Roseville and Costco South Sacramento have both run exceptional campaigns this year. Costco has produced campaign techniques that work to encourage employee involvement and raise money for the community.

Mary Peel from Costco Roseville & Andrew Ximenez from Costco South Sacramento are very passionate about educating their fellow staff about United Way and giving back to the community. Both employees organized fun and educational kick-off rallies. The rallies featured multiple speakers from various non profits and several personal stories from fellow staff – all of which presented the campaign to Costco employees in a great way.

Mary and Andrew’s rallies were a hit with the Costco staff. Costco Roseville reached a stellar 93% participation rate and raise over $32,000 for the community. Costco South Sacramento had a 67% participation rate and raised over $32,000 for the community.

We thank you Costco Roseville and Costco South Sacramento for your commitment to our community!


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