UCP of Sacramento sends autistic children to summer camp


United Way California Capital Region nonprofit partner UCP of Sacramento and Northern California sent thirteen autistic children ages  8 -12 to summer camp at Grizzly Creek Ranch in Portola, California.  Grizzly Creek Ranch is a special needs camp that helps the children learn swimming, arts and crafts, kayaking, archery, volleyball, scooter hockey, fishing, soccer and dancing.  Attending summer camp was a great opportunity for the children to build relationships with each other, their instructors and other kids at camp.

Each child that attended camp has been going to after-school development classes at the Autism Center for Excellence (A.C.E.) at Sacramento State.  A.C.E. is a program through UCP of Sacramento and Northern California designed specifically for children ages 8-12 with autism, that helps them learn how to interact with the outside world and integrate into community activities.

You can support UCP of Sacramento and Northern California and their programs through donating or volunteering.  Please visit www.ucpsacto.org for more information.


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