Thank You for Walking
Community March to End Sexual Assault


Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in The Center’s 9th Annual Community March to End Sexual Assault. It was a great day to march for a beautiful cause!

The opening ceremonies began with Matt Huckabay, The Center’s Executive Director, revealing sexual assault statistics from our community. The Center served 121 victims of sexual assault, ranging from ages 12 to 75 years old, last year.The Center has been able to provide 94% more counseling sessions for victims of sexual assault than last year.

Now aware of the seriousness of the issue, the walkers were given some intervention tools by the Center’s education department. The Bystander Intervention Approach was described to hopefully prevent the sexual violence before it occurs. The goal is to become accustomed to using these intervention techniques often and early.

If you see or hear something that is inappropriate here are some responses you might consider:
• “Hey – That’s not cool (okay) with me.”
• “I feel uncomfortable with …” (name behavior)
• “What if that was said about your sister?” (or brother)?”
Another way to help the victim is to use subtle distractions:
• “Hey, look – it’s time we got going.”
• Ask what time it is
• Make something up

After this information, the participants were really ready to March to end sexual assault. The amazing walkers were first treated with a pancake breakfast donated by Placerville Rotary Club. With their bellies full and energy high, the long walk down Main Street was on!

Participants who deserve special recognition for their March include the the bedazzled Blue Shield of California team, the Mark Scangarella Painting, Inc. team for raising over $8,000, and Sheriff D’Agostini for raising an additional $700.

The day concluded with the March down Main Street when men donned their high heels and tried “Walking a Mile” in her shoes. United Way’s very own Cole Forstedt and Brian Jones supported the cause and walked the walk.

For more information about sexual assault and bystander intervention, please contact The Center at (530) 626-1450 or visit


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