AT&T’s LIVE UNITED Team tours Koinonia
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This last month, United Way California Capital Region arranged for AT&T’s LIVE UNITED team to enjoy a tour of the facilities at Koinonia Family Services in Loomis. Starting at the corporate offices they then toured the Crisis Resolution Center. The CRC is Placer County’s early intervention program for teens and their parents with the sole goal of offering free of charge support to Placer County families in crisis. From there the LIVE UNITED team toured Koinonia’s Homes for Teens offices and got to see the Koinonia Community School in full action. Along the way they met the Administrative and Treatment Clinic staff. 

We then loaded everyone up into our agency vans and were off to visit our teens’ residential facilities.  Koinonia has six beautiful homes located in Placer and Sacramento Counties.  First visiting one of our boys’ homes, the team got an up close view of a day in the life at Koinonia as told by the Facility Supervisor. We gathered for a quick bite to eat while discussing program and our exciting plans of renovation. The team was interested to hear about our upcoming teaching kitchen where we will be featuring hands-on training along with advanced nutritional education. Our tour then moved on to visit a girls’ house.

We were complimented by several of our guests on the quality and warmth of our homes.  Koinonia greatly appreciated the time that AT&T committed to the tour and the encouragement they offered. The day ended in a true LIVE UNITED atmosphere of partnership.

Bill Ryland is the Administrator of Koinonia Group Homes & Treatment Clinic.


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