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Financial Workshops
January 22nd at 3 p.m.

We offer a $100 incentive for your child’s K2C Seed Account for any participant who attends one of our qualifying financial workshops. 

Golden 1 Webcast: January 22nd at 3:00 p.m.

This online workshop is hosted by Golden 1 and will cover post-holiday budgeting tips. If you are interested, please RSVP by sending an email to with the subject “Financial Workshop” and your name to get started. 


Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be complicated
How United Way volunteers helped one client get his finances in order


Reginald Crisp had years of complicated taxes to sort through when it was time to file his 2018 taxes. A retired state employee, Reginald was trying to get his financial affairs in order when the Franchise Tax Board referred him to United Way’s Free Tax Prep program. When he learned there was a Free Tax Prep site at the Oak Park Community Center near his house, he made an appointment and soon found himself face to face with four women he now affectionately refers to as the Four Amigos. 

United Way’s Healthy Meals Available Over Holiday Break

During the holiday break, United Way’s Healthy Meals program will continue serving suppers to local children ages 18 and under at the following 6 locations.

Mack Road Partnership
7833 Center Parkway
Sacramento, CA 

  • Monday 12/23, 12/30
  • Thursday 12/26, 1/2
  • Friday 12/27, 1/3
  • Saturday 12/28, 1/4

Meals served at 3 pm Monday -Friday and at Noon on Saturdays.

North Highlands – Antelope Library ​
4235 Antelope Road
Antelope, CA 


See if your school is currently participating in K2C.

Robla School District

Bell Avenue Elementary

Glenwood Elementary

Main Avenue Elementary

Robla Elementary

Taylor Street Elementary

Sacramento City Unified School District

Camellia Basic Elementary

Earl Warren Elementary

Elder Creek Elementary

Mark Twain Elementary

Tahoe Elementary


Program Policies

Program Rules

Kindergarten to College (K2C) Seed Accounts are opened and maintained by United Way California Capital Region (UWCCR) and the City of Sacramento. The K2C Seed Account will be maintained by UWCCR for the benefit of individual students enrolled in participating Sacramento area schools. The K2C Seed Account will receive any incentive funds from the K2C program and accrue interest based on ScholarShare’s Passive Age Based Portfolio. To earn the matching incentives, families must open their own Family-owned ScholarShare 529.


What is Kindergarten to College and other questions you may have.

What is a Kindergarten to College Seed Account?

K2C Seed Accounts are $25 savings accounts that will be opened for kindergarteners in qualifying schools. This seed money from United Way is held within a ScholarShare 529 account for the student. Furthermore, families can open another 100% tax-free ScholarShare 529 account at no cost to receive further matching awards from United Way. Information about ScholarShare 529 can be found at