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Emerging Leader Members

Leadership Council Members

  • Monica Baumann, California New Car Dealers Association
  • Deseanae Bluiett, Intel Corporation
  • Angela Criser, 3fold Communications
  • Christine Endres, MatriScope Engineering Laboratories
  • Heather Harney, State Street
  • Dustin Humes, Allied/Nationwide
  • Joseph Ramos, Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California
  • Alex Rude, Rude Development
  • Jessalyn Weddle, Allied/Nationwide

For more information about Emerging Leaders, contact Casey Pomicpic at or by calling 916-856-3906.


Timothy Aboussleman, UPS
Ashlee Adams, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Kristen Adlfinger, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Ranbir Ahdan
David Anderson, ACCO Engineered Systems
Jonathan Andom, Allied/Nationwide
Alinia Asmundson, Intel Corporation
Claire Audette-Bauman, Intel Corporation
Steven Backers, Care Innovations Intel-GE
Steven Bailey, Intel Corporation
Rupinder Bains, Intel Corporation
Kimberlee Bartch, Delta Dental
Meredith Beales, Gilbert Associates, Inc.
Sarah Bienvenue, Intel Corporation
Devangi Bhatt, Intel Corporation
Louis Biggers, Intel Corporation
Donna Bland, Golden 1 Credit Union
Deseanae Bluiett, Intel Corporation
Lisa Bracero, Allied/Nationwide
Brandon Brooke
Rebecca Brover, WEAVE Inc.
Neil Brown, Intel Corporation
Nicole Burton, Intel Corporation
Rochelle Butera, Allied/Nationwide
Richard Cantzler, Intel Corporation
Che’ Canyon, Bank of America
Britt Carlson, Bank of America
Kwong Chan, Intel Corporation
Christina Chin, Intel Corporation
Millicent Cho, Intel Corporation
Cammy Coonce, Allied/Nationwide
Jay Corbin, Allied/Nationwide
Ryan Cortez, Intel Corporation
Karen Courey, Intel Corporation
Samantha Cummings, Bank of America
Alan Curtis, Intel Corporation
Christina Daubeneck-Martin, Intel Corporation
Donovan Davis, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Shawn Davis, Zurich North America
Tiffany Cheung Davis, Zurich North America
Lisa Dawson, SMUD
Natasha Deegan, Bank of America
Lisa Depew, Intel Corporation
Sameer Desai, Intel Corporation
James Diedrich, Bank of America
Cheryl Dilley, Intel Corporation
Kelly Dixon, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Khoa Do, Intel Corporation
Samantha Doller, Intel Corporation
Akinol Dosunmu, Intel Corporation
John Dunn, Intel Corporation
Andy Duong, Visual West
Matthew Ellis, Bank of America
Adam Ellison, Bank of America
Amy Evans, Intel Corporation
Nichole Farley
Ariana Ferrari, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Alec Fisher, Bank of America
Avolyn Fisher, Allied/Nationwide
Martin A. Flores, Intel Corporation
Cole Forstedt, United Way California Capital Region
Janine Gibford, Allied/Nationwide
John Gladding, Intel Corporation
Alexander Goldberg
Kristy Gomez, Bank of America
Allison Goodman, Intel Corporation
Divya Gopalan, Intel Corporation
Justin Gorman, Procter & Gamble
Verity Gould, Intel Corporation
Stephanie Gunderson, Allied/Nationwide
Lucretia Hagan, Bank of America
Joan Hallstein, Intel Corporation
Lamar Hanna, Allied/Nationwide
Eric O. Hanson, Intel Corporation
Duncan Harding, Allied/Nationwide
Katie Harlan, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Tasmine Harrell, Allied/Nationwide
Julie Hayes, Intel Corporation
Meghan Hedrick, Nordstrom
Lavon Hester, American Steel Corporation
Laine Himmelmann, Sacramento Habitat for Humanity
Malinda Holland, Intel Corporation
Fellicia Howard, Bank of America
Salena Hutcherson, Bank of America
Brenna Isola, Bank of America
Keith Jenkins, Intel Corporation
Courtney Johnsen, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Glenn Johnson, Intel Corporation
Kristi Johnson, Intel Corporation
Sarah Johnson, Intel Corporation
Heidi Kapadia, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Shannon Keelan, Intel Corporation
Matthew Keister, Bank of America
Tiffany Kelly
Sherry Kelly, Intel Corporation
Johnny Khor, Intel Corporation
Kursad Kiziloglu, Intel Corporation
Janice Kleinhans, Allied Insurance
Nicole Koch, Intel Corporation
Crystal La Mont, Bank of America
Jolana Lance, Bank of America
Julie Lazar, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Heather Levin, Intel Corporation
Brad Liggett, Allied Insurance
Chris Littlejohn, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Scot Loetscher, California Highway Patrol
Abelina Lopez
Fredrick Love, Intel Corporation
Amber Lovett, United Way California Capital Region
Rebecca MacDonald, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Seth Manry, Bank of America
Dennis Matovu, Allied/Nationwide
Rachel McCarty, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Patty McChesney, Intel Corporation
Tricia McCue, Intel Corporation
Rachel McCurdy, Intel Corporation
Eric McIntosh, Zoom Copiers
Whitney McMasters, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Tiffani Micheau, Intel Corporation
Sven Miller, California Highway Patrol
Elena Miller, California Department of Conservation
Katrina Mok, Intel Corporation
Roy Montgomery, Bank of America
Jennifer Moss, Intel Corporation
Tonja Myers, Bank of America
Tamara Nelson, Allied/Nationwide
Lan Nguyen, Bank of America
Chukwunenye Nnebe, Intel Corporation
Lesley Nolan, Intel Corporation
Matthew Okamoto, Intel Corporation
Leslie Ortiz, United Way California Capital Region
Adam Peterson, Intel Corporation
David Peterson, Allied/Nationwide
Julie Picarello, Intel Corporation
Casey Pomicpic, United Way California Capital Region
Madhusudan Ponnada, Intel Corporation
Benjamin Porter, Intel Corporation
Erin Porter, Bank of America
Gary Rawlinson, Delta Dental
Joydeep Ray, Intel Corporation
Sarah Rayz, Bank of America
Taylor Reed, Allied/Nationwide
Rocky Regino, Rabobank
Michael Reynolds, Intel Corporation
Crystal Richardson, United Way California Capital Region
Keri Ritchey, Intel Corporation
Robert Robertson, Intel Corporation
Christy Romero, Intel Corporation
Assadya Ross, Bank of America
Janet Ryczaj, Intel Corporation
Tracy Sambrano, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Rupinder Samra, Intel Corporation
Leah Sapp, Bank of America
Vijay Sar-Dessai, Intel Corporation
David Sastry, Intel Corporation
Kristina Schuett, United Way California Capital Region
Gerald Seaman, Intel Corporation
Donia Sebastian, Intel Corporation
David Shaieb, Intel Corporation
Nudrat Shams, Intel Corporation
Jeffrey Shelton, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Grace Kim Shin, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Clark Shueh, Intel Corporation
Nancy Silva, Intel Corporation
Michael Smith, Bank of America
Steve Spacek, Gilbert Associates, Inc.
James Stark, Intel Corporation
Karen Stevens, Procter & Gamble
Kellie Stroud, Bank of America
Tiffany Tan, Intel Corporation
Xu Tang, Intel Corporation
Marlo Tinney, California Department of Transportation
Joshua Tipton, Intel Corporation
Shelly Torrano, Allied/Nationwide
McQuinn Travis, Procter & Gamble
Teresa Travis, Procter & Gamble
Rosanna Trevisan, Intel Corporation
Jacqueline Tucker, Intel Corporation
Khoa Van Do, Intel Corporation
Lori Varney, Allied/Nationwide
Janice Vipond, Allied/Nationwide
Terra Wallace, US Bank
Eric Waterman, Intel Corporation
Jessalyn Weddle, Allied/Nationwide
Justin Wenck, Intel Corporation
Caitlin Wong, Intel Corporation
Melissa Woods, Intel Corporation
Nikkol Woolums, Bank of America
Kailei Zawacki, Allied/Nationwide
An Zhang, State Street


Exclusive Waterford/Macy’s Event
Honoring United Way’s Leadership Donors

Macy’s and United Way invited all leadership donors to an exclusive reception recognizing United Way’s leadership donors with famed Waterford Crystal Ambassador Vincent Rellis on Friday, Nov.19 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Macy’s downtown plaza. It was a great event! Thank you to everyone who joined us, we hope you enjoyed your evening.


Women in Philanthropy Spring Social Event

On May 6, 2010 Women in Philanthropy members and supporters participated in the Foster Youth Emancipation Basket program. Items were collected for the more than 300 foster youth emancipating from the system so they have necessary household items to get started on their own. The towel sets and toiletry items donated are included in these baskets. We collected over 350 sets of towels and bags full of toiletry items. 


United Way’s Thank You Event

See photos from this event held on April 13, 2010. This annual favorite provides an opportunity to thank our local community supporters and partners of United Way. Local companies, volunteers and agencies were honored for their outstanding commitment to our community at the CSUS Alumni Center.



Showing how to LIVE UNITED was a buzz this past June. Volunteers and donors across our community took part in our LIVE UNITED activities whether it was waving signs on our street teams, collecting toilet paper for our 2nd Annual Toilet Paper Drive, participating as a volunteer or donor at one of our two toilet paper drop-off locations or distributing toilet paper to our 142 certified nonprofit agencies.


Foster the Future: An Evening with United Way’s Women in Philanthropy

On Oct. 15, 2009 more than 225 dedicated members of our community who want to make a positive impact on the lives of local foster youth gathered at The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento. The event featured a silent auction, amazing food and wine as well as some stories about how and why foster youth in our region need and deserve our support.


United Way’s Holiday Reception

As a toast to the season and a year of vitally important work done in the community, United Way California Capital Region invited more than 140 of it’s certified partner agencies to an exclusive reception at Sierra Health Foundation in December. United Way honored agency partners for providing health and human services in the five-county region served by the United Way office. This year each agency also was encouraged to bring a volunteer to be honored for making a large impact with the nonprofit organizations.