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Leaders United Program

Each year, United Way California Capital Region asks local organizations to select one or more of their valued employees to participate in the Leaders United Program for an 18-week working session to assist in the annual campaign. Leaders United participants (LU’s) serve as an extension of the United Way Resource Development department and work full time or part time in United Way’s office from late July to early November. 

The Leaders United experience provides:

  • Awareness of community issues facing the Capital Region and the impact on organizations and future leaders
  • Development of a well-rounded understanding of various professional industries through educational classes. Topics include: Marketing, Human Resources, Consulting, Healthcare, Local/State Government, Legal Issues, and Finance
  • A mentor from the United Way Board and have regular meetings with the region’s CEOs and top leaders
  • Improvement of technical and leadership skills through deep engagement in raising funds for local nonprofits
  • The opportunity to stretch outside of comfort zones to work with others, solve problems and drive results
  • New insights about trust, authenticity, and character for future leadership growth

Who would be a good candidate for the Leaders United Program?

Certified Partner

Empower Yolo Inc.

24 hr crisis line, free shelter, therapy and legal assistance: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence response teams on call, hospital and court accompaniment, victim advocacy.

Certified Partner

Omni Youth Programs

Reducing teen alcohol use. Certifying teens, parents and professionals to facilitate alcohol prevention model programs for peer support, family strength, and pro-social norm changes.

Certified Partner

Mutual Housing California

An organization focused on developing, operating and advocating for
sustainable housing that builds strong communities through
resident participation and leadership development.