Target donates time and resources to Healthy Meals Program
Thank you to our volunteers who came out to Sayonara Community Center


Volunteers help provide a healthy support system for children to succeed in school. We are making sure kids have everything they need, from healthy meals and stable homes, to supportive and strong relationships.

A team of managers from various Target stores throughout our region joined together on Thursday, March 9 to help out at one of the United Way Healthy Meals Program sites- the Sayonara Community Center in Citrus Heights. Volunteers learned about the Healthy Meals Program and jumped in to help with keeping the youth excited about coming back for more healthy meals by playing games and doing crafts in addition to participating in a reading circle with 3rd – 5th graders. To top it all off, each Target store participating donated a $50 gift card to the center for a total of $500 which will be used to purchase additional craft and education supplies, board games and sports equipment! A huge thank you to Target for both your generosity and time!

Square One volunteer opportunities and tours are happening now. Join us for a volunteer project or tour at a local school. Every little bit we do to improve these schools helps kids stay motivated to come each and every day. This fosters an environment that helps with success in the classroom and beyond.

Upcoming Square One volunteer projects: 

North Country Elementary: April 7 
Bell Avenue Elementary: April 29

Upcoming Square One tours:

Main Avenue Elementary: Mar. 15 
Robla Elementary: Mar. 30 
Taylor Street Elementary: May 16