Serve with Liberty volunteers make BIG changes at North Country Elementary
Thank you to our volunteers who got the school spruced up


When you volunteer with United Way, you are making a direct impact to help kids succeed in school. Volunteers support the Square One Project, United Way’s 20-year promise to significantly increase the number of local kids who graduate from high school ready for success in college and beyond.

Thank you to the Liberty Mutual, UPS, and Enterprise volunteers who helped at North Country Elementary on May 4th and 5th during Liberty Mutual’s Serve with Liberty event! Together, the team got to work on a garden that had been completely overtaken with weeds after a rainy winter. Now the garden is ready for the summer and fall and will allow the students to get outside and learn about fresh fruits and vegetables!

Along with the garden, our volunteers also cleared out the schools’ History Center. What was once a gated off, overgrown section of the campus is now an amazing area for students to walk along a path and experience some of California’s native plants or sit around a beautiful fire pit and enjoy the outdoor learning space. If that wasn’t enough already, our volunteers also put together three benches and placed them in some of the large nature boxes that they spruced up in the common areas of the schools’ campus. Now the students have a much more inviting and engaging area to sit and do some outdoor learning. 

See pictures of the volunteers in action:

Square One volunteer opportunities and tours are happening now. Join us for a volunteer project or tour at a local school. Every little bit we do to improve these schools helps kids stay motivated to come each and every day. This fosters an environment that helps with success in the classroom and beyond. Learn more here.