Firsthand look at the Square One Project in action


The Square One Project is our promise to the community to end poverty starting in school. Over the next 20 years, we will make a significant increase in the number of kids who graduate from high school ready for success in college and career. 

How do we do this? Our promise can only be realized through hard work and dedication – we’ve identified four building blocks for success:

  • Keeping kids in school
  • Keeping them on track
  • Setting high expectations
  • Ensuring strong support

On Thursday, March 30 we sent a few of our board members Square One Steering Committee members, friends from the Honey Agency, UPS, and Enterprise-Rent-A-Car to Robla Elementary to see our Square One Project in action. The tour included a general overview of Square One, our partnership with the Robla School District, information about the school and students and their needs, information about the surrounding community, a stop by the Hydration Station, a focus on our AARP Experience Corps program, and highlighted additional ways to get involved with the Square One Project moving forward.

The tour focused on the impact of the Experience Corps program. Beverly, one of our devoted Experience Corps tutors, talked to the tour participants about the program and her experience and motivation for getting involved. During the tour, we also had the opportunity to visit a third grade classroom and observe another Experience Corps tutor in action while she worked with her students. All the tour participants had goosebumps seeing the program firsthand. This is a wonderful program on paper, but it is truly magical experiencing it in person! 

For more information on upcoming tours and how to get involved, click here.