Want more community gardens to exist in our neighborhoods?
It's all up to you on BIG Day of Giving


In ONE WEEK, on Tuesday, May 6th we will be asking you to make a promise for a healthier community by visiting givelocalnow.org and choosing United Way.

Our plan: We are crowdfunding on BIG Day of Giving to build community gardens in our neighborhoods to cultivate healthy children, families and communities!

Our hope: For these gardens to be used as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle choices to future generations and foster the growth of active and involved citizens.

Your role: By making a contribution on May 6th you’re making a promise to build something you want to see exist in the world. As a donor you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to volunteer to help build these gardens!

Your dollar: Every dollar you donate will be leveraged by local businesses and organizations who have contributed funds to a pool of matching dollars! There’s no better time to donate!

Want to know more? Contact Kaila Ricci at kaila.ricci@uwccr.org or 916-856-3910. Learn more at givelocalnow.org.

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