Rhythm N’ Rims


Walk on Behalf of CASA Sacramento at the 2nd Annual King’s Foundation Rhythm N’ Rims Event on October 13th! Every $1,500 raised provides a child with an advocate for an entire year. Sign up Early–Be a Virtual Walker or Join them on October 13th.

Please use web browsers Google Chrome or Firefox to access the Rhythm N’ Rims Website.

Once you are set up online at http://bit.ly/casasac , if you can, please send out your requests for sponsorships/pledges via email, facebook, linkedIn, twitter and/or phone. It is essential to get the momentum rolling to be able to reach their goal of helping more children this year. Remember each team recruits 15+  participants –Each participant asks 10 supporters to sponsor $10–Your team has now raised an easy $1,500.

Tips for reaching goal:
1)  Vital first step — set up your team online
2)  Communicate your participation/goal ASAP (email, social media, phone & in-person).
3)  Make it easy — send out your friendly links, like the one we use for Friends of CASA www.rhythmnrims.org/friendsofCASA  or  http://bit.ly/casasac  to register and set up your team supporting CASA Sacramento.
4) Follow up (you may need to communicate more than once)
5) Challenge yourself to think of all the people you can ask to join you in making a difference in a child’s life: neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, vendors, merchants and clubs.

For more information, please contact Kathy Stone-Takai at 916-875-6606 or www.rhythmnrims.org/kathystonetakai