2016 Annual Holiday Gift & Stocking Drive
Support local foster youth this holiday season


Thank you to all of the Santas out there who purchased a gift and donated to provide stockings for local foster youth. All gifts have been spoken for and we’ve reached our fundraising goal to provide special stockings for all 120 foster teens in our programs! Your thoughtfulness and generosity will make an impact on these kids lives for years to come. A big THANK YOU!

If you purchased a gift, please deliver to United Way’s office (10389 Old Placerville Road, Sacramento, CA 95827) no later than 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30. You can drop off the gifts at the office anytime between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  We are also hosting a wrapping party (tag and organize gifts and stockings) on December 1. Gifts will be picked up by Sacramento County after the event.

Missed out? You can still make impact on the Sacramento area this holiday season. By making a donation to United Way, you will help to end poverty in the Sacramento area by helping kids succeed in school. Help change our region for all children and families. Donate now.

We are collecting gifts for children in need through Sacramento County and are NOT taking sign-ups for those in need. If you need help securing gifts for someone you know for the holidays, please dial 2-1-1 for assistance.

For questions, contact Haley Simpson at haley.simpson@uwccr.org or 916-368-3027. 

Adelena L. (female - age 6 months)
Adriana R-P. (female - age 12)
Alayah B. (female - age 3 months)
Alejandro C. (male - age 4)
Alfredo R-P. (male - age 8)
Andrew C. (male - age 16)
Angel M. (female - age 4)
Angelo C. (male - age 4)
Angelo L. (male - age 5 months)
Arthur H. (male - age 12)
Caesar D. (male - age 11)
Cayden. R. (male - age 9)
Chelsea R. (female - age 7)
Dezmond C. (male - age 5)
Edward C. (male - age 9)
Elana T. (female - age 14)
Elicia B. (female - age 11)
Elijah B. (male - age 4)
Emiliano L. (male - age 2)
Ethan M. (male - age 3)
Faith S. (female - age 1)
Gia M. (female - age 6)
Halley S. (female - age 15)
Hayleigh S. (female - age 16)
Jeremiah C. (male - age 3 months)
Jesse S. (male - age 11)
Joserie H. (male - age 16)
Kanayjah H. (female - age 15)
K'loni R. (female - age 8)
Liam B. (age - 3 months)
Luna H. (female - age 4)
Machai C. (male - age 5)
Maria R-P. (female - age 9)
Mia D. (female - age 6)
Michael C. (male - age 5)
Monique R-P. (female - age 11)
Moses D. (male - age 10)
Nukiyah Z. (female - age 8)
Payton B. (male - age 4)
Pedro C. (male - age 8)
Princess M. (female - age 10)
Quincy C. (male - age 13)
Reagan G. (female - age 3 months)
Rylee S. (female - 7 months)
Sierra R. (female - age 6)
Vanessa D. (female - age 4)
Vicente C (male - age 13)
Viviana C. (female - age 11)
Yasmin S. (female - age 17)
Zoey P. (female - age 4)
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