Ensure Strong Support


Ensure Strong Support

A healthy support system is critical for children to succeed in school. We are making sure kids have everything they need, from healthy meals and stable homes, to supportive adults and strong relationships.


Experience Corps literacy program
Become a volunteer literacy tutor and make a lasting impact on a child's life

AARP Foundation Experience Corps If kids aren’t reading at grade level by 4th grade, they will have a hard time keeping up across multiple subjects. United Way helps kids stay on track in school and achieve key milestones. Today, four out of five low-income students and two-thirds of U.S. fourth graders have missed this important milestone. Together we can change this.

Led locally by United Way, AARP Experience Corps members volunteer as tutors at local schools to help Kindergarten through third grade students become confident successful readers.

​Last year, our local United Way volunteers tutored 415 students at 17 schools. After only one year of tutoring, 62% of students who started below grade level improved their reading and literacy performance.

 AARP  Experience Corps volunteer at local schools approximately 2 days per week, 2-3 hours per day  throughout the school year.


Bank On

Too many households in Sacramento – 9 percent – do not have a checking or savings account. Even among those households that do, a full 20 percent also use expensive financial services such as payday loans and check cashing. This means they are paying way too much in fees just to access their own money. 

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Foster Youth Individual Development Account

United Way’s Women United raises funds to help foster youth prepare to be self-sufficient once they leave the foster care system. Our local United Way’s foster youth program includes case management, life skills training and financial support through the Individual Development Account (IDA) program.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts that help cover basic necessities and education-related expenses for emancipated foster youth.


Financial Coaching

In 2013, our United Way launched a Financial Coaching network of six organizations in our region that were seeking to help their constituents build long-term financial security.

Thanks to significant investments in 2016 from Citi Community Development and JPMorgan Chase, we recently grew the scale of our support for this work by creating a Financial Coaching Training and Certification initiative.