Help us collect 362 books by Friday!

Emerging Leaders -

Do you remember how amazing it felt to get a brand new book as a kid–all the worlds it opened up?

There are 660 STAR Readers in kindergarten through 3rd grade that are waiting for their own new books right now…only we haven’t collected them all yet. We’re currently 362 books short of our goal and are encouraging our Emerging Leaders to help us close the gap by the March 8 deadline. Donate today!

If you, your friends, coworkers and family members could each donate just one book (or several!), we can ensure every single child in our STAR Readers project experiences the joys of reading! Donate books online here.

Did you know?

• Kids who don’t read at grade level by the end of third grade are 70% more likely to eventually drop out.
• 56 percent of fourth grade students in our region do not read at grade level.
• 70 percent of inmates in American prisons cannot read above a fourth grade level.

Together, we can help our STAR Readers, one book at a time.