Please accept our thanks

E-mail Blast

This is United Way’s Week of Thanks, so we wanted to take a special moment to thank you for your generosity this past year as a Leadership Donor.

Your steadfast support means there are more kids reading at grade level and getting in shape, and more adults and foster youth who are financially literate. In fact:

STAR Readers: 58% of kids in our STAR Readers project increased the benchmark for reading in their grade level and are much more likely to eventually graduate from high school on time. STAR Readers say thanks!

$en$e-Ability: 77% of adults and 98% of foster youth in our $en$e-Ability project have better money management skills and are better prepared to be financially stable. Foster youth say thanks!

Fit Kids: 86% of kids in our Fit Kids project have improved on the Fitnessgram test and are living a healthier lifestyle. Fit Kids say thanks!

It’s people like you who make this community a better place to live for everyone. As a Leadership Donor, you’ve gone above and beyond to provide support, and for that we cannot thank you enough.

As we send our gratitude, we also would like to know if you have any comments or questions you would like to share so we can learn more about how to improve your experience with United Way.  Please contact Andy Sheehy at 916-769-2028 or email him if you have anything to share. Thank you again for your generosity!