What a great night for a great cause!

News from Young Leaders Society

Hi there!

Thank you for supporting Brews & Brains last night! You helped raise $4,066 for the YLS Hydration Station Initiative giving kids the opportunity to lead their healthiest lives.

The many students in Sacramento who don’t have easy access to drinking water outside of mealtimes is a serious problem. The health benefits of water consumption are critical to growing students.

Let’s get started on being the solution.

This year we are focusing on the students in Robla School District. We have a goal to raise $25,000 by this summer so they can have Hydration Stations and reusable water bottles when school starts up. Get all the project details here.

We can’t do this without you.


  • It’s simple and takes just a minute of your time to make a lasting difference.
  • We will guide you the whole time with tips and incentives!









I’m excited and committed to this and here as a resource. If you need additional information, fundraising help or want to know more, just say the word! Looking forward to collectively reaching our goal!

Casey Gray
Campaign Manager
Young Leaders Society