Direct Investment Program in Sacramento

Small child in center, holding hands with Mom and sister.

United Way California Capital Region’s Direct Investment Program in Sacramento is a guaranteed income program that uses the UpTogether platform to amplify the social capital of those families.  


DIPS Explained

Why is this Important?

“Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” – James Baldwin

Rather than providing social workers, conditional services or specific direction, the Direct Investment Program creates an environment where families come together, empower themselves and are trusted to improve their lives in their own way. This type of social justice investing empowers families to build both financial and social capital to help address inequities in our region.

Even before the pandemic, a majority of Americans could not afford an unexpected $400 expense in cash. After a year of increased social isolation and financial precarity, there is no time like the present to invest in our most experienced personal finance experts: hardworking families. 

Who is Eligible?

Families must have the following

  • A Sacramento County address
  • A bank account
  • Internet access and a web-enabled device for UpTogether
  • A method of verifying identity and residence in Sacramento County
  • A method of verifying income
  • Willingness to respond to survey questions on UpTogether
  • Decision making power over their life

Additionally, ideal participants will fall within certain income ranges, depending on their household composition. Please use the table below to help inform your decision to enroll in DIPS.

How it Works

DIPS fund families will receive $300/month for 24 months through the UpTogether online platform. Families will also respond to surveys, make groups, and set goals on UpTogether, sharing their experiences and unique expertise with other participants.

How does this tie into United Way’s Square One project? 

The Direct Investment Program in Sacramento falls under the Square One/Set High Expectations building block for success. Through this pillar we help kids and their families aim high and achieve their goals. 


Our Partner

 The Family Independence Initiative is our partner for DIPS and provides the UpTogether software that makes the program possible. For over 20 years, they have had a straightforward mission: trust and invest in families. Learn more below.

A history of success

FII was established over 20 years ago to dignify working families. FII has understood that well-intentioned but inadequate governmental and charitable policies cycle families in and out of poverty. By unapologetically investing in families, FII has successfully increased family incomes, entrepreneurialism, and spending in communities. For more on FII’s successes, look at their family outcomes.


DIPS uses FII’s signature technology platform, UpTogether. UpTogether is where families come together online to work together toward greater social and economic mobility.  To date, nearly 200K households have received investments through the UpTogether platform. This approach accelerates social and economic mobility for families, making poverty escapable.