Digital Equity Program


Digital Equity Program

The Digital Equity Program falls under the Square One project/Ensuring Strong Support building block for success. Through this pillar, we have helped to support families with the tools and resources they need to get ahead. The issue of digital equity and access was exacerbated due to the pandemic and the closures of schools. It is crucial that all residents have equitable access to broadband services and computers during this time and the future.  

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Free Broadband, Computers and Digital Literacy Training Available to Sacramento Households in Need During Pandemic

SACRAMENTO (9/28/20) – Up to 10,000 Sacramento households affected by the pandemic, particularly low-income households with children and seniors, will receive free broadband access this fall through a new pilot program launched by the City of Sacramento and United Way California Capital Region. Funded through the federal CARES Act, the Digital Equity program also will provide free computers to up to 1,000 households as well as digital literacy training on how to use the technology.